May 24, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award :)

I am SO flattered that erinj0 gave me the "Stylish Blogger Award"! I think this is very cool, and I am grateful! :) I am excited to do this! By receiving that, I have to list 7 facts about myself. So here they are...

I am officially addicted to "Criminal Minds"! I have been watching it every evening/night for the last couple weeks, and although I have loved it and other crime drama shows for years, I am now officially addicted to this show! I can't get enough of it! I just bought the set of seasons 1-5 and can't wait to watch them all! And Matthew Gray Gubler [Dr. Spencer Reid] is just wonderful :)

I am going to 2 concerts this summer. Taylor Swift, this coming weekend with my best friend, and New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys in July! Yep, I was SUPER obsessed with BSB when I was younger, and I FINALLY get to see them in concert! I can't wait!

I am obsessed with painting my nails. I never used to [very often], but a few months ago I started doing it more and now I can't stop. Any bright colors, I LOVE bright colors :)

The Burger King "King" scares the crap outta me! He is way freaky, and gives me the heebie jeebies! Also, the BK flute player guy, he is odd and creepy, too! I think I have something against BK...

My iPhone is my life. I had to wait far too long to get one [I had to wait until Verizon got them], but I bought one the day they came out [in February]! I'm in love! It's the best thing EVER! It's not a phone, it's a way of life :)

I am in desperate need of a job. I'm going through a rough spot in life, and had to leave the job I loved more than anything. We moved to a different town and I had a part time job there, then it closed. Bad luck, I guess. Now I don't have a job, and really need one!

I am definitely a night owl. I do not do mornings, at all! Since it's almost 1 in the morning right now, I think that says enough. 

And now I pass this along to 7 other blogs that I love! :)

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