September 17, 2011

Saturday Night...'s been awhile...I've been taking a little break from reading, unintentionally. I'm working on rereading the Twilight series before Breaking Dawn Part 1 comes out, but since I started my new job, I've been way busier and had way less time to read :( On a side note...YAY! I finally got a job!!! Haha! :) So, I've been thinking...I've been playing with some photography, and even though I'm not very good at it, it's fun to do! And I'm addicted to's pretty awesome! I like to just take random pictures of things I do during the it might be boring to most people. But I want to have a place to post all my pictures, besides Facebook. So I am thinking that I might start posting them all on beware...there may be lots of completely random things lol! But who may just enjoy it :)

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